DRIVER PACKET - Jzilla CMS Under the lights powered by Gran Turismo East

Welcome to Jzilla Under the Lights at Charlotte Motor Speedway, powered by Gran Turismo East!

Please read this packet CAREFULLY. It contains links to information and forms that will allow you to complete on-site registration and have a smooth day.

You will be REQUIRED to produce three items at check-in:

1) A completed and signed 2019 Jzilla Track Days Tech Sheet.

2) An SA2010 or newer helmet. Bridgemoto will be on-site with rental helmets and others for purchase.

3) A valid driver’s license that corresponds with your Tech Sheet information.

Any guest without these items at check-in will be asked to step aside while we attend to those who are prepared. Any delay may result in forfeiture of your track time.

We prioritize all our guests' safety as our primary objective. This Tech Sheet is a legal document that must be filled out correctly. The Tech Sheet linked in this packet will be the only version we accept. Older versions are not acceptable. Please take the time to complete and sign this form BEFORE you arrive at the track. This Tech Sheet must be completed by a competent technician, person, or shop, and signed by every entrant.



If you aren't comfortable performing a tech inspection yourself, we highly recommend these businesses for Tech Inspection, but you may use a shop of your choice.

Additionally, here are more important pieces of information to know:



  • Load in will be Friday, July 19 starting at 3:00 PM until 7:00 PM.

  • Registration & the mandatory Drivers Meeting will be in Media Center. Here is an overview layout.

  • The Drivers Meeting is mandatory to attend. Registration will be halted for entrants to attend. Registration will resume afterward.

  • There is no sound limit.

  • Infield fuel pumps available on Saturday until 5 PM.

  • Pro (Main) Garages are reserved for those who rented them. James will send garage assignments via email.

  • Snacks and refreshments are available at registration while supplies last.

  • All entrants are required to wear appropriate attire while on track. Sleeved shirts, pants, close-toed shoes, helmets.

  • Passengers may ride with Yellow or Red Group Drivers only. Passengers require wristbands they can acquire at on-site registration. Clothing and safety rules apply, no minors allowed.

  • No Drivers or Passengers under 18 years of age are allowed on-track.

  • Violation of our rules and regulations as determined by Jzilla Track Days staff and can include immediate expulsion, no refunds.

  • This is the track configuration we will be running:


No tires, fuel barrels, or loose refuse are to be left behind. Plan ahead, arrive early, poor planning on your part does not necessitate an emergency on our part.. You are our guests, but we are all guests of these facilities so please help us maintain our reputation accordingly. We look forward to seeing you there!

Jzilla Staff