We pair each Novice Instructed guest with one of our instructors. This means we only allow the same amount of Novice Instructed drivers as we have instructors committed to work at that particular event.

As we get closer, to the event you will receive an email about two weeks from the event with a link to that event’s Driver Packet. This will contain links to the Tech Sheet, Rules & Regulations, a track schedule, and other information to help you prepare in advance. Also, your instructor should email you personally to introduce him/herself, ask questions about your car and experience, etc. They may also share some details about what their instruction plan is, what car they drive, or how to find them in the paddock.

The day of, it is imperative you come prepared with your Tech Sheet, drivers license, proper attire, and SA2010 or newer helmet. The attendants at the track entrance will request you sign their waiver and give you a wristband to enter the premises. Discovery Parts will be on hand, in their store front, verifying your helmet is up to date and will put an “AMP 2019” decal on it. If you don’t have a helmet, they will rent you one at a good price.

After that, take your helmet, Tech Sheet, and license to Registration in the Clubhouse/Tower. Jzilla Staff will be taking your completed, signed Tech Sheet, verifying your ID with your license, and checking your helmet for the AMP 2019 sticker. They will request you sign another waiver, check you in, and give you your run group decal and driver wristband.

At this time, you should start to prepare your car to go on track; empty loose contents, floor mats, etc., find your instructor, and make it to the mandatory Drivers Meeting. If you haven’t already been introduced to your instructor, the Drivers Meeting is where this will happen. After the meeting, Novice Instructed guests are either taken to a short classroom session or go on track in their instructor’s vehicle to see to course and start to get acquainted with the driving line (this part depends on how our chief instructors choose to operate that day). Your instructor will ride as your passenger for the entirety of the event and are available to answer questions about driving, setup, and even general questions about HPDE/motorsports.

Our instructors are all Motorsport Saftey Foundation certified, and are tested by Jzilla Staff for effectiveness and efficiency to provide their students with best-practice techniques and instruction to help them learn to become better, safer drivers on-track. Jzilla is an inclusive, close-knit community that welcomes new participants to enjoy the day with other like-minded enthusiasts.

If you have any further questions, please contact our Staff!