Tech Sheet Instructions

Our goal during your visit is to create a safe, fun atmosphere and to offer an enjoyable experience. Mornings can be particularly hectic and stressful. In order to help you check-in at registration, please bring three items with you: completed Tech Sheet, your valid drivers license, and a SA2010 or newer helmet.

Often, our guests are uncertain about how to fill out the Tech Sheet. It’s a long form with lots of information on it, we understand. It can seem a little complicated, but we assure you it is not. It is important to fill this out correctly so you can complete registration smoothly and be ready for the day. Here is an example of how the Tech Sheet is to be completed:



Please write legibly and complete the top section, including the drivers license information. We will be verifying this with the license you provide. Also, tell us who performed your tech inspection in the space provided. We encourage you to use a competent shop or technician to perform this, but you may accomplish this yourself if you are confident in your abilities.

It is required that you sign both waivers on this form. It acknowledges that you are aware of the extra risks associated with an open-top car, even if your own vehicle is not. This is for your benefit should you happen to ride or drive in one of these vehicles during your stay with us.



This example contains the most common errors we see on our guests’ Tech Sheets. Please note the information missing at the top, lackadaisical completion of the check list, missing inspector information, and waiver signature. We will ask you to step aside and complete the form at check-in so we can can accommodate other guests who are ready.

We pause check-in for the mandatory drivers meeting. An incorrect Tech Sheet can create a delay that may result in missed sessions and valuable track time. Please take the time to be prepared in order to avoid this.