Safety is our paramount concern! Please familiarize with our rules so you can focus on your day. Any questions should be directed at Jzilla Trackdays Staff.

Wondering if your car is ready to hit the track? We’ve compiled a document explaining what is required to participate in your car at a Jzilla event. Take a look

Track Schedules

The day of can be hectic! Here’s a condensed schedule of how a typical day runs. Often times factors might shift the schedule around a bit, but most likely this will be how the day is run.

Atlanta Motorsports Park (AMP) schedule can be viewed here.

Road Atlanta (RA) schedule can be viewed here.

Carolina Motorsports Park (CMP) schedule can be viewed here.

Ready to go? One more thing. You’ll need to have your car inspected by a professional shop before attending (with some exceptions). Print out this form and bring it with you. This is our standard for keeping from having unfortunate surprises on track.